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  1. Dear Caroline,
    Your stories moved me and I feel that you have a great deal of strength as well as talent. You are also very brave to allow yourself to be vulnerable. By that I mean, when we show others ourselves, our fears, our hopes, our sadnesses, we are taking a risk. But you have faith in the fundamental goodness that lies so many people and that is truly a blessing after what you have suffered. I know you will be a success at anything you do. Painting, writing, even gardening puts love into the universe. When I visit elementary schools, I always tell them how precious their ideas are, that each of them has a unique view of the world that needs to be shared. And in order to live a creative life, we must all overcome our fear of being wrong or being laughed at. My book is about a little girl who is terrified of being laughed at. She is scared of oral reports, of making a terrible mistake. She finds her lost confidence on a magical journey during which she triumphs over challenges that parallel her real life fears. I think you might like my book.
    It was rejected by every publisher and agent I sent it to so my husband and I started our own pubIishing company. Every rejection was a laceration of my soul, but I am getting the most touching letters from children who love it. Those letters are like gold to me. Believe in yourself and never give up.

    • Thank you for taking time to leave such a lovely response. I truly enjoy writing and creating. It has been quite a wonderful experience to find others enjoy it also. I have a true belief in the greater good in people and often a chance is all we need. I witnessed and lived through some dark times but I choose to live a bright life. I am sure I would love your book and if it offers a positive experience to a child “,I am in”.
      Making a difference in the world starts by being different!
      Thanks again, Carolin

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